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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Mozarabic Hymn for St. Augustine

Lux Deus Christe, pietas redundans,
Qui tuum vatem haerese reductum
Rite Augustinum amans alumnum
Efficis aptum;

Hujus obtentu dolum hinc remove,
Patriam serva, populos guberna;
Omnis lis absit, affluat redemptis
Gratia pacis.

Charitas efflet copulam recisis:
Sit procul ira, abeat ruina:
Clades abscedant, fames, atque languor,
Noxia quaeque.

Clerus doctrina rutilet corusca:
Pontifex celsum apicem retentet
Labe abstersa, operibusque almis
Post placitura.

Laus tibi insultet jubilo perenni,
Trinitas simplex, Deitasque una,
Cuncta qui condens, opifex in aethere,
Crederis auctor.

If anyone can translate this into English or knows of an English translation, let me know. Hopefully something in the same meter. The Latin text goes very well to the tune of the Sarum festal melody for "Nocte Surgentes" (, but in Mozarabic chant it would be completely different. I would guess that, like all other liturgical rites of the Church (Coptic and possibly Ethiopian excepted) the Mozarabic rite has eight tones/modes. I don't know what those sound like specifically or what tone this hymn would be in. If anyone has any information on this, I'd love to read it.


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