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Friday, August 05, 2005

Vespers Hymn for Transfiguration

All ye who seek for Jesus, raise
your eyes above, and upward gaze:
there may ye see the wondrous sign
of never ending glory shine.

Behold Him in celestial rays
Who never knoweth end of days;
exalted, infinite, sublime;
older than heaven or hell or time.

This is the Gentiles' King and Lord;
the Prince by Judah's race adored,
promised to Abraham of yore
and to his seed forever more.

To him the prophets testify;
and that same witness, from on high,
the Father seals by his decree:
hear and believe my Son, saith He.

All glory, Lord, to Thee we pay,
transfigured on the Mount today;
Whom with the Father we adore,
and Holy Spirit evermore. Amen.

Quicunque Christum quaeritis
by Aurelius Prudentius (348-413)
tr. W.C. Dix

(The Liber Usualis has a rather unmelodic tune for the hymn. If anyone has any ideas on making Gregorian chant more singable, let me know.)


Blogger Eric John said...

Mea culpa! I was totally wrong about the Liber Usualis hymn being unmelodic or unsingable. Once I worked at it a little, I found it to be very nice and even catchy in its own way.

1:44 AM  

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