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Monday, August 01, 2005

August 1: Western Orthodox Saints

Almedha (Eled, Elevetha)
6th cent. Tradition says that she suffered martyrdom on a hill near Brecon in Wales.
+ c 549. Bishop of Bourges in France, he took part in the Council of Orleans in 538.
Bonus, Faustus, Maurus and Companions
Bonus, a priest, with Faustus, Maurus and nine companions, was martyred in Rome under Valerian.
912-984. Born in Winchester in England and already a monk and priest, in 955 he became Abbot of Abingdon and in 963 Bishop of Winchester. Together with St Dunstan and St Oswald of York he led the monastic revival of the age, restoring the monasteries of Newminster, Milton Abbas, Chertsey, Peterborough, Thorney and Ely to monastic life after occupation by married clergy. For this reason, he was called 'The Father of Monks'. The Winchester School of Illumination flourished under him, as did developments in music and liturgy.
Exuperius (Soupire, Spire)
c 4th cent. Bishop of Bayeux in France, he is honored in Corbeil.
Faith, Hope and Charity
c 137. The three girls, aged respectively twelve, ten and nine years, daughters of St Sophia who were martyred in Rome under Hadrian.
Friard and Secundel
+ c 577. Hermits on the Isle of Vindomitte near Nantes in France.
+ c 690. A monk at Elnone in Belgium. He was Abbot of Marchiennes (c 643-652) and then of Elnone (c 652-659).
+ c 290. A child-martyr venerated in Louvre near Paris in France.
Kenneth (Kined)
6th cent. A hermit who made his cell among the rocks in the Gower peninsula in Wales at a place later called Llangenydd after him.
Leus (Leo)
4th cent. A priest whose relics were honoured in Viguenza in Italy.
Mary the Consoler
8th cent. The sister of St Anno, Bishop of Verona in Italy.
A saint venerated near Lisieux in France.
+ 643. A pilgrim from Ireland who returning from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land settled as a hermit near Modena in Italy.
+ c 480. A nephew of St Patrick and Abbot of Innisboffin in Ireland.
6th cent. A hermit who lived near St Friard near Nantes in France.
+ c 500. A priest of noble family, famous for his charity, he has been honoured from time immemorial in the village that bears his name, St Sever de Rustan in Bigorre in south-west France.
+ c 314. Bishop of Vienne in France. He attended the Council of Arles in 314.


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