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Thursday, August 04, 2005

August 4: Western Orthodox Saints

c 250. An early Bishop of Verona in Italy.
Epiphanes and Isidore
Two early martyrs, venerated at the Cathedral of Besançon in France until the French Revolution.
530-573. Bishop of Tours in France. He worked hard to rebuild Tours after it had been burnt down.
Lua (Lugid, Molua)
c 554-609. Originally from Limerick in Ireland, he became a disciple of St Comgall and founded many monasteries. A great ascetic, he was of great tenderness to both man and beast.
Peregrinus, Maceratus and Viventius
6th cent. By tradition they were two Christian brothers who came from Spain and died in France, seeking to rescue their enslaved sister.
+ c 80. A matron from Rome baptized by the Apostle Peter who converted her husband and her son, St Nazarius. Her relics are enshrined in Milan and Cremona in Italy.
A martyr honored in Cologne in Germany.
+ c 529. Born in Britain, he went to Guic-Sezni in Brittany, where he founded a monastery and where his relics were venerated. He is the patron saint of Sithney in Cornwall.
+ 257. A priest, martyred in Rome under Valerian two days after his ordination.


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