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Friday, August 05, 2005

August 5: Western Orthodox Saints

+ c 751 Probably born in Ireland, he became Archbishop of Rheims in France. As his Cathedral was occupied by an intruder, he went to live at the monastery of Lobbes in Belgium.
+ c 304. A martyr who suffered in Augsburg in Germany, probably under Diocletian. She was venerated there from early times and the monastery of that city was dedicated to her.
+ 236. A Greek who was Pope of Rome for only a few weeks. He may have been martyred and was buried in the catacomb of St Callistus, the first Pope to be so.
Cassian of Autun
+ c 350. Bishop of Autun in France, 314-350, he succeeded St Reticius and was famous for his miracles.
Emygdius (Emidius)
+ c 303. A saint whose relics were venerated in Ascoli in Italy.
+ 250. Fabian succeeded St Antherus as Pope of Rome in 236 and was martyred in 250 under Decius. St Cyprian described him as an 'incomparable man' and added that the glory of his death matched the purity and goodness of his life.
+ 1016. Abbot of Ardoilen in Galway in Ireland.
Memmius (Menge, Meinge)
+ c 300. Founder and first Bishop of Châlons-sur-Marne in France and Apostle of the region.
604-642. The successor of St Edwin on the throne of Northumbria in England, he was baptized in exile on Iona. In 635 he defeated the Welsh King Cadwalla and so his real reign began. One of his main aims was to enlighten his country and so he called on St Aidan to help him. In 642 he fell in battle at Maserfield fighting against the champion of paganism, Penda of Mercia. He has always been venerated as a martyr and his head is still in St Cuthbert's coffin in Durham.
+ 346. Bishop of Teano near Naples in Italy.
23 Holy Martyrs of Rome
+ 303. Twenty-three martyrs on the Salarian Way in Rome under Diocletian.
+ 863. Bishop of Cambrai-Arras in the north of France c 830-863.
+ 544. The most famous of the ancient bishops of Viviers in France.


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