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Sunday, December 12, 2004

A Prayer to St. Spyridon

Today is the feast of St. Spyridon. He was a 4th century bishop of the city of Tremithus on the island of Cyprus. He was married and had a family. Also, he was a shepherd and continued to work in flock and field just as he tended the flock of Christ and sowed the seeds of faith. In his icons, he wears his shepherd's hat, a kind of basket. His relics now rest on the island of Corfu in the northwest of Greece and are a source of constant miracles. In fact, at certain times his shoes are replaced because they keep wearing out, while his body never decays. His shoes wear out because is always visiting and helping those who pray to him.

The following prayer is usually prayed after an akathist to the saint.

"O great and all-marvellous Spyridon, holy hierarch of Christ and wonderworker, boast of Kerkyra [Corfu], most radiant beacon of the whole world, fervent intercessor before God and speedy helper for all who have recourse to you and entreat you with faith! Amid the Fathers at the Council of Nicea you expounded the Orthodox faith most gloriously; you showed the unity of the Holy Trinity with wondrous power, and utterly put the heretics to shame. Hearken, therefore, unto us sinners who entreat you, O holy hierarch of Christ, and by your mighty intercession before the Lord deliver us from every evil circumstance...To many living in dire poverty and want you rendered assistance; you abundantly sustained the poor during famine and performed many other signs through the power of the Spirit of God living within you. Werefore, forsake us not, O holy hierarch of Christ. Remember us, your children, at the throne of the Ruler of all, and beseech the Lord that He grant us remission of our manifold sins, that He bestow upon us a peaceful life unbeset by misfortunes, that He vouchsafe unto us a tranquil and unashamed end and everlasting blessedness in the age to come, that we may unceasingly send up glory and thanksgiving to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever and to ages of ages. Amen."


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