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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

St. Sophronius, Bishop of Cyprus

Our Venerable Father Sophronius, a native of the island of Cyprus, piously meditated on the Holy Scriptures for many years and, having applied himself to observe all the commandments of the Lord with exactness, he received from God the power of working miracles. On the death of Bishop Damian [Damian is venerated locally as a Saint. He and St. Sophronius appear to have lived in the 8th century.] of Cyprus, the virtues of Saint Sophronius led the Christians to choose him as their shepherd. From that moment he became the nourisher of the famine-stricken, the Providence of the poor, the helper of orphans and the deliverer of all who were afflicted. Adorned with this crown, he fell asleep in the peace of the Lord.

(From the Synaxarion, by Hieromonk Makarios of Simonos Petra)


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