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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Guard the Pearl of Faith

"Remember that God has given us freedom and that he will not take anyone to himself by force. You must display effort in your will in order to receive the grace of the Holy Spirit in your heart.

If God had not given us freedom, he would have destroyed the way of faith and drawn everyone to himself by way of enforced knowledge. Do not say, as some ignorant people do: 'Prove the existence of God to us and then we will believe.' There would be no faith if there was proof; there would be enforced knowledge, and then there would be no way to salvation.

However, when an act of faith is performed in a free heart, then God gives such proofs of the truth of faith as are incomparably higher than scientific proofs.

Always remember: you must make a freewill effort in life for acquiring virtue and for communion with God in prayer. The Lord will not take a soul to himself by force.

Guard the pearl of faith, which is the way to bliss for us and for the people close to your hearts."

--Elder Zachariah of St. Sergius Lavra (+1936)


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