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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Listen to Gregorian Chant 24/7 on-line

Yes, it's true! The bright and shining day hath finally arriv-ed when all who have speedy connec-ti-ons may hearken unto the graceful airs of Latin melody.

By going to this site and clicking the button marked "TUNE IN," you, too can be a partaker of this fabulous new phenomena, the best thing since illuminated manuscripts.

All right, as an honest disclaimer, it's not the BEST chant (it might cause some people, like my father, to have horrible flashbacks to the hacked chant of the Vatican Christmas Midnight mass of yore), and it IS randomly interspersed with very nicely sung snippets of what appears to be some celebrated collegiate chorus chirping an American folk song, beautifully arranged with whispy harmonies, etc. But it's worth a visit. Perhaps those more technologically advanced than I could use it as a prototype for a Western Orthodox version of AncientFaithRadio. Eh?

In other news, OrthodoxTidings now has an online shop. We're offering an array of products featuring original designs. As always, let me know what you think and if you have any ideas. Also, if you have a shop featuring Orthodox Christian goods, let me know and I'll link it. Also, contact me if you would like to advertise. Proceeds from the online shop sales, if there are any customers besides myself, will go to support the Orthodox Tidings websites. So far, it costs about $10 a month for a basic package. God-willing, in the distant future we might be able to expand the operation to put up more articles and pages and perhaps do a publication of the ever-expanding St. Severin Prayer Book.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perpetual "Gregorian" (only if you mean the VII) is my idea of Hell/Ghenna. It sounds like it all is written for a lukewarm Good Friday service.

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