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Monday, February 06, 2006

Orthodox Tidings Yahoo! Discussion Group Created

If you look to the right at the list of links, you will find the Orthodox Tidings Yahoo! Discussion Group.

Here is a very basic description of this brand new forum:

"Exploring traditional, Orthodox Christianity in the past, present and future, the Orthodox Tidings Yahoo Group welcomes everyone who wishes to learn more about traditional Christianity in general and Orthodoxy in specific. We believe that the catholic heritage of the Orthodox Church is a precious treasure which must be guarded, cared for, studied, and lived. To this end, we will endeavor to use this group list for our mutual edification."

Here's part of an e-mail invitation I wrote for the group:

"You are invited to join my Yahoo! Group 'Orthodox Tidings' for discussion about all aspects of Orthodox tradition--whether in the past, present, or future. Each Orthodox Christian has experience, education, and expertise in an area which relates to the Orthodox tradtion whether you know it or not. I was hoping that we could use this group as a way to learn more about the Orthodox tradition from one another and whoever else might join the group.

I know we're all amateurs, but as amateurs we do a lot of reading or have experience or informed opinions on certain things which could be helpful and edifying. This group gives us a chance to share something meaningful and interesting with a larger audience."

Membership in the group is not limited to Orthodox Christians. Everyone who loves the Orthodox tradition and traditional Christianity is welcome.


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