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Friday, December 08, 2006

Mohammedans take over former Christian church building--with Christian complicity

Two PCUSA churches in Louisiana merged, according to the Layman, and sold one church property to a local Islamic Association, turning down two offers from Christian churches to purchase the property. Perhaps they didn't offer as much money. The church they sold was First Presbyterian Church (Bossier City, LA), and the steeple "was once topped by a cross."

According to the Layman, Rev. Beth Sentell, one of co-pastors of the merged congregation, "said two considerations influenced their decision to sell the church plant to the Islamic Society. First was the amount of money offered, second was the opportunity to engage in interfiath dialogue and friendship." She and her husband, Dr. Web Sentell, "plan to invite the Islamic congregation and its imam to a church supper where the imam will field questions. Dr. Sentell said, 'We worship the same God.'" Co-pastor J. Daniel Hignight was asked "if he would ever seek to lead a member of the Islamic Society to Jesus Christ." He replied, "I don't feel a particular need to convert them to Christianity."

Get the scoop.

He doesn't feel a particular need to convert them to Christianity. Hmm... Sounds like he's a perfect candidate for dhimmitude. He's already submitting himself to Muslim rule even before being threatened with death. And with most non-believers in a state of religious apathy, our list of allies against an Islamic global takeover is growing thin. Perhaps the Islamists won't have to resort to more violence after all. There seem to be enough people in the world who'd be more than happy joining hands with them and singing kumbaya.

Many thanks to Fr. Joseph at the Orthodixie Blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was it Chesterton who said something along the lines of people who stand for nothing, will fall for anything? That's what Christians scrambling to seek approval from Muslims tends to remind me of.

Who is the young man in uniform in the ikon on the side panel? I am intrigued.

12:32 PM  
Blogger Eric John said...


The young man in uniform on the icon is St. Yevgeny Rodionov, a Russian soldier martyred by Chechens in the First Chechen War. His grandmother had given him a cross and told him never to remove it. When he was captured by Mohammedan Chechens, they tried to get him to renounce his faith and remove his cross. He refused and they beheaded him. There are a few miracle working icons of him in Russia and he's quite popular. At least several years ago, the hierarchy of the ROC-MP was cautius or suspicious of his sanctity, but now, it at least appears as if he's becoming more accepted. At least that's the word I have from the Russians I know.

11:09 PM  
Blogger A Sombra said...

First was the amount of money they offered...what other possible consiseration COULD there have been? And yoknow, these Presbyterians arent the FIRST...there is a Black Muslim temple in Chicago that was purchased by the Black Muslims becasue they really liked the DOME-they felt it looked MOSQUE-like! Well, that DOME graced a Greek Orthodox Church. If the Greek Orthodox don't care, why in the world would the Presbyterians care? Eh?

12:19 AM  
Blogger Eric John said...

Is your argument with me or them?

9:09 AM  

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