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Monday, October 02, 2006

Into cyber-oblivion

I changed templates and lost EVERYTHING. I didn't remember this happening before, but the last time I changed templates was a while ago and I've made many more additions. I also (after the fact, of course) remember saving my sidebar links and pics and such. Now I have to try to put all of it back together again. What a pain! I feel sick right now, after all that work. If anyone knows an easy way to recover it, let me know.


Blogger Jean-Michel said...

Dear Eric, I'm sick for you, for that disaster!

I suppose you switched to the new "beta". One of the websites I maintain has been forced by google to adopt the new beta, and I lost any control panel in French, so a cooperative website for French-talking people became in just a twinkle of an eye just one more load for me...
It seems their new beta has a big problem with templates - I made a little try with the "forced" site, and saw indeed by simply clicking on the template section that it was to lose everything.
So now I do my best to keep all other blogs in the "old" one system, maybe not perfect but more trustable.
Didn't you kept a copy of the template, the layout under an ASCII file, somewhere?
I kept 2 pages of you - with saint John Maximovitch's relics & the saints of Einsiedeln - but being "direct pages", they have not the full layout of your mainpage, sorry

may these saints of Einsiedeln help you to rebuild anew or find an archive


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